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Tangier, Morocco - A Fierce Females Retreat for ladies only, to assist with removing blockages and barriers.  Helping the women create new focus and vision, supporting them move forward in their lives with clarity and achievable goals.

Algarve, Portugal - These were male & female retreats with Chico from The X Factor on the UK TV, called The Warrior Retreat.  Including; Yoga, Breathwork, Hu Breath, Forest Bathing, Cacao Ceremony, Sound Healing, Boat Trips, Tribal Dancing and Hiking.

Algarve, Portugal - These were female only retreats called The Goddess Retreat.  A collaboration with other facilitators including: KAP, Tribal Dancing, Yoga, Breathwork, Hiking, Release Work, Theta Healing, Massage, Plant-based Food, Cacao Ceremony and Sound Healing.

Another luxury Goddess Retreat in Burgau in Portugal.