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Online Bootcamp

Lisa has been perfecting her bootcamp classes for many decades.  Her latest creation is called Blast & Burn. 

This is an interval training session and designed to give you the fastest results possible.

Lisa has created an incredible 8 week Transform Your Life program which incorporates Blast & Burn for you to do at home using very little equipment.

On this program, you will receive:


  • 24 Fat Burning, Body Sculpting Sessions.* (3 a week)

  • 4 Life Changing Presentations.*

  • 8 Hours Of Yoga Stretching.*

  • Weekly One To One Call with Lisa Marie

  • 3 Hypnotherapy Meditation Sessions.


You can also expect to:

  • Get a sexier, slimmer and firmer body.

  • Burn fat during and after workouts.

  • Feel more confident and energised.

  • Replace bad habits with new positive routines.

  • Detox your mind and body.

  • Discover the formula for optimal nutrition and health.

  • Feel supported and motivated.

  • Discover proven methods for dealing with stress and anxiety.

  • Remove the negative barriers that are holding you back.

  • Learn how to master your mind, thoughts and emotions.

  • Become the best version of yourself. 

*Pre.recorded available for you to complete when it suits you.

During your program, you won’t have to deal with:


  • Impossible diets.

  • Boring cardio.

  • Boring workouts.

  • Commuting to and from the gym.

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