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I'm excited to introduce you to my skilled and knowledgable team who will assist in ensuring you have the most unforgettable experience.

Lisa Marie Robinson

I have been coaching and teaching for over 35 years, which has taken me all over the world. During this time I have gathered a vast amount of knowledge in all areas of health, fitness, and wellness and have spent over 15 years lecturing in these subjects.

The Lisa Marie Method was created to demonstrate this.


I discovered early on that I was a catalyst of change, and for over 35 years I've been lucky enough to have coached, inspired and motivated thousands of people. The key areas of my teachings include helping my clients to make impactful changes to improve their mental and physical health; teaching them the importance of self love and self respect; and how to break negative cycles and integrate life changing positive habits.

In addition, I owned a large successful events business in the UK for many years, which I built myself from scratch.  This has provided me with a vast amount of knowledge and skills required to create and host exceptional events.

Key Qualifications:

  • RSA Exercise to Music

  • 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Multi Style Yoga with Siddhi Yoga India

  • Advanced Certificate in Education (post compulsory teaching certificate)

  • D32 & D33 Assessor Awards

  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnosis

  • Premier Diploma in Fitness Training and Sports Therapy with Premier

  • PTD Fitness Instruction and Advanced Personal Training

  • PTD & IHBC Body Massage

  • PTD Sports Massage

  • PTD Lifestyle Management & Coaching

  • PTD Fitness Assessment and Health Appraisal

  • ASA Preliminary Teachers Certificate in Swimming

  • BAWLA Weightlifting Leaders Certificate

justine Emily F.jpeg

Justine Emily Ferrarelli

Justine is the owner of Balanced Bites Marbella and is an experienced, talented and creative healthy and conscious chef.


She has a wealth of experience under her belt and has catered for numerous events including large retreats.

She will be providing us with delicious & nutritious food for the week.


Melissa Mayes

Melissa has always felt drawn to the healing power of touch and learnt many massage techniques from her Indian father including walking up and down his back!


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage combines Indian deep tissue massage removing knots and adhesions in the muscles and soft tissues with coordinated breath work and assisted yoga stretching.


It helps to eliminate toxins, releases tension, realigns the body and stimulates energy flow to leave the recipient with a profound sense of healing and wellbeing.

On our retreat Melissa will offer you this unique therapy which was developed by Master Kusum Modak of Pune, India (now 83 years young), combining her knowledge of Traditional Ayurvedic Massage learnt from Master Lamaye Maharaj, with Iyengar Yoga learned from BKS Iyengar himself, to create her own unique approach to Ayurvedic Massage.

“Undoubtedly the best massage I have ever had. The combination of being stretched is pure luxury. The whole experience was so enjoyable, I feel it is a requirement/ necessity I need on a monthly basis. This should be on everyone’s bucket list!”

Melissa will be available to book for private treatments during your retreat.  In addition, she will sharing her Ayurvedic wisdom in her presentations.

Sebastian sound healer_edited.jpg

Sebastian Serpell

Sebastian is a musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist.


His experience has been developed in the most varied disciplines, including music for dance, theater, advertising, documentaries, ceremonies and meditations.


He has always connected with music through its abstract sensations, as through its different vibrations that resonate with us, with our body, with nature, with water, with everything that surrounds us, transforming energy into a journey through emotions that leads us to connect with the depths of our soul.

Sebastian will be facilitating a sound healing session on our retreat.

ashleigh m.jpeg

Ashleigh McCartney

Ashleigh is the owner of The Soulful Media Agency and Plantiful Soul Food.


She has assisted me with multiple retreats and she will be joining us in Tarifa to capture beautiful moments and assist me.

melody old.JPG

Melody Old

Melody has been empowering people of all ages to free themselves from chronic pain and habituated postures since 2010.


Melody was fortunate enough to find Somatics in 2008 after being involved in a car accident suffering an acute whiplash injury.


After just 3 weekly sessions and committing to the daily movement explorations not only did she release the whiplash injury, but her whole body was brought back into alignment. The pain in her neck she had suffered since her teenage years caused by childhood trauma was gone, her neck back and shoulders felt better at 30 years old than they had at 18. This comfort and ease continues as she approaches her 45th Birthday.


Somatic movement education is a gentle and relaxing slow mindful movement awareness practise that enables you to release physical and emotional trauma, creating calm within the mind and freedom of movement and flexibility within the body.


As an educator of movement Melody guides you to release unconscious contraction and holding patterns, as well as fight, flight, freeze and fawn reactions in the nervous system creating space for holistic physical and emotional healing. Somatics is a non-manipulative self-healing modality that brings us home to ourselves. This neuromuscular re-education enables root cause issues to unravel as we use our own brain, our own consciousness, whilst enacting our parasympathetic nervous system promoting rest and repair. There is no greater healer than thyself, and by healing ourselves we help to heal everyone and everything around us.

Melody will be sharing her gift with you on this special retreat.

frank skott.jpeg

Frank Skott

International vocalist / songwriter Frank Skott will be joining us for our last evening at the villa to entertain you with his smooth vocals.

He will take us on a journey through the worlds of RnB, Reggae, Pop, Soul and Motown.

Frank has sang before at my events and I know you will love his performance. 



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